Who? What? When? Where? Why? & sometimes How?

I work. All the time.

I’m at school by 7:30am. I don’t usually leave until 6pm.

When I’m home, I’m generally thinking about ways to make my band sound better.


Oh yeah, I’m a band director.


I work a lot of Saturdays throughout the year. It’s exhausting, but I love what I do.


I work a lot of nights. Concerts don’t happen during the school day. Neither do open houses, parent meetings, clinics, etc…


But despite how much of my life I commit to my profession, my body deserves just as much attention. At 31, I’m in far better shape that I was in high school. Three years ago, bombarded with major life changes, I was first introduced to Ashtanga yoga, which now has regular presence in my schedule. Two years ago, I joined my first gym. One year ago, I removed meat from my diet (mostly), and about 6 months ago I discovered I could run a heck of a lot farther than I thought I could. 🙂


But while the major changes I’ve made has greatly impacted my health and my appearance, the smaller changes have been wildly important to my ability to stick with it, and that is probably more important.


So why skinnystrongbusybee?

  • To share the small changes and discoveries that keep me healthier
  • To share the major changes that transform my body and mind
  • To keep me accountable
  • To show you all the cool things that inspire me (and maybe you) to sweat just a little more and eat a little better 🙂


 Stay healthy!


About skinnystrongbusybee

Health Conscious. Body Conscious. Working 7:30am-6pm.

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