I’ll Go Agave…

I rarely use sugar. Unless it is one of the random occasions that I am baking a pie or cookies, sugar rarely has a presence in my cooking or daily consumption. I use local honey in my teas, and I switched to stevia in my coffee several years ago. 

I recently stumbled up on a wonderful stew recipe that called for agave syrup, and so for the first time it entered my house. This stuff is great! Low glycemic index sweetener, definitely more natural tasting when compared to other sugar substitutes, and it tastes exceptionally good on my unsweetened Earnest Oats oatmeal in the morning! It’s even good in coffee if you aren’t into the interesting twang that comes from stevia, Splenda, or the pink stuff. I’ve started using it in place of sugar because of it’s low G.I. properties, but want another reason to rethink sugar?

Did you know that sugar derived from sugar cane is processed using bone char to remove its natural color? SUPER GROSS! Ground cattle bone is used in the “bleaching” process of most cane sugar, including brown sugar which is just white sugar + molasses. Think sugar derived from sugar beets is better? Sugar beets are a product of good ole Monsanto. 



I’ll go Agave…

Stay healthy!


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