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I need a schedule.

56 day mix


It turns out that I, probably like many of you, desperately need a workout schedule to get things done. I think that was one of the features of P90X3 that made it easy (read mindless) to follow and find success. Granted this is THE most busy time of year for my job, but I notice an obvious change in my body over the last 4 or 5 weeks that I simply don’t like. My solution? Making a schedule.

First of all, I’m saddened to say that I just didn’t fall in love with PiYo for any number of reasons. It hurt my wrists. Two of the workouts had virtually no intensity whatsoever. It coincided with a back injury and a sprained/broken toe that inhibited almost any exercise. Simply stated, fate was actively working against this program.

Second, I just got Turbo Fire (thanks to my dude and my dude’s dad)!!! It is super fun and super dorky! Plus, it flat out wears you out!

Third, despite my weight going down since school started, I seem to be visibly fluffier than I was this summer, which in my experience means muscle loss. I LOVED the muscle tone I got with X3, so some of that has to come back. Therefore…

Voila! The schedule above is a mix of everything I love about all 3 programs: muscle building, yoga-based toning, and silly fun fat-burning! đŸ™‚ I start tomorrow. Wish me luck!